LIMONI: iniziativa di conoscenza e azione.

«Qui delle divertite passioni
per miracolo tace la guerra,
qui tocca anche a noi poveri la nostra parte di ricchezza
ed è l'odore dei limoni.»
[da I Limoni di Eugenio Montale]

WWII, Marzabotto, Italy.
September 29 to October 5, 1944.
770 killed victims.
45 were less than two years; 110 were less than ten years; 95 were less than sixteen years; 142 were less than sixty years; 316 were females; 5 were Catholic priests.
«Fifteen days have passed since I’ve cut the big cherry tree at the bottom of the field. I had to cut the tree, it was casting too much shadow on the potato plot. Yesterday I glanced down to the stacked branches and I noticed they carried on living, swelling buds, pushing out bunches of flowers. Regardless. Life never stops. Presumptuous deity of my eyes, I see the cherry branches will dry out soon, cut off from the roots. This predictiveness bothers me.
Salvatore’s lens glimpsed it: Marzabotto teaches us the embarrassment of looking at each other as of today.
The only relief is to gaze, without presuming, without knowing.»

«Quindici giorni sono trascorsi da quando ho tagliato il grosso ciliegio in fondo al campo. L’ho dovuto tagliare, poichè causava troppa ombra sul campo delle patate. Ieri, ripassando accanto, ho incrociato lo sguardo con i rami accatastati che, incuranti di tutto, hanno continuato a vivere, gonfiando le gemme, espandendo i mazzetti floreali. La vita non si ferma mai. Il mio occhio si investe di una divinità presuntuosa, già sapendo che dovranno in breve tempo disseccare, recisi dalla radice. Questa mia facoltà predittiva mi disturba. L’obiettivo di Salvatore l’ha intuito, Marzabotto ci insegna l’imbarazzo di guardarsi ora tra uomini. Unico ristoro, posare lo sguardo, senza presumere, senza sapere.»

Text by Massimo Zamboni [CCCP/CSI]
Book developed and published with AKINA BOOKS
Book informations:
Photographs: Salvatore Santoro
Introduction text: Massimo Zamboni
Book project: Akina
Size: 16×23 cm - 60 pages
Papers: Munken Lynx + Fedrigoni Tintoretto + Fedrigoni Sirio Cherry
Format: Soft cover Singer-sewn
Total run: 300 copies
First published: 2013

A short story for M, Le Monde Magazine.
«July 1989.
It has been the first time since I heard a Kalashnikov shooting.
And it was against people.
That night, we would have never imagined we had to run away,
looking back embracing some beers.»
The photos of this book were taken during three years 2009-2011 in the places along the 54 km of the National Road n. 7 Quater "Domitiana" in the cities of Licola, Lago Patria, Ischitella, Villaggio Coppola-Pinetamare Castel Volturno, Pescopagano, Mondragone, and crossing the Mediterranean coast of the provinces of Naples and Caserta, in Italy. These are the places of my childhood summer holidays but also the headquarters of the Nigerian mafia (born in Castel Volturno and not in Nigeria), the commercial area of the Neapolitan Camorra and Mafia Casalese, area of illegal waste.
This book is not a journalistic document about a single event or one theme, but it's a personal project about my home, the place of my childhood. It's about what happened to these places. I tried to explore the changes into the places of my childhood memories by making them collide with reality.
The reality is that the direction taken by mankind, is far from reaching a better future which would leave our children better off their parents.
Book developed with 3/3 (Fiorenza Pinna e Chiara Capodici).
Book informations:
Photographs and texts: Salvatore Santoro
Book project: 3/3
Format: softcover + folded dust jacket
Size: book 290 x 220 mm \\ inserts 175 x 116 mm
Total number of pages: 184 \\ 152 book + 32 inserts
Number of photographs: 88 \\ 72 + 16
Print: offset, 4 colors
Paper: Arctic Paper, Munken Lynx 150 + 120 gr
Languages: italian and english
ISBN: 978-88-907794-0-4
First published: November 2012

Last 20 copies available.
Emilia Romagna. Italy.
The sacredness of the pig in this region: «in pork we trust».
In Emilia Romagna, we are who we are thanks to the pork also.

Tehran during the day of commemoration of death of Ayatollah Khomeini.
Timișoara, Romania.
Looking for something.